Tooth Extraction Course

Oftentimes what's considered "basic" treatment is the most important. Consider that sanitation, and access to clean drinking water have all vastly improved human life expectancy and helped civilizations flourish. For dentists, tooth extraction, or exodontia, is a similar foundational technique. Even with staggering dental advancements it's still a major line of defense in protecting healthy teeth from adjacent rotten teeth.

In the case of impacted third molars, extraction remains an essential preventative solution to future oral challenges. Our specialized extraction course covers it all, including: routine and difficult extractions, utilizing specialized periotomes, elevators and extraction forceps, as well as flap design and tooth section for extractions of soft and bony impacted 3rd molars.

In the history of dentistry, tooth extraction, also known as exodontia, is one of the oldest, most basic and most important procedures. It remains a major line of defense in protecting healthy teeth from adjacent rotten teeth.

The Three-day course reinforces five interrelated goals: the importance of using the correct forceps (there are eight) for the correct teeth, indications for proper forceps use, third molar extraction when teeth are impacted, socket preservation, and the drawing of blood and the making of platelet-rich plasma, or PRP.

The exciting and comprehensive course provides attendees the opportunity to extract teeth from dozens of patients. In only 72 hours, doctors will gain the skills they need and the confidence they require to perform extractions with painless expert precision. As millions of patients seek medical and cosmetic dental treatment, tooth extraction is often the first step toward dental implants and a healthier, more vigorous smile.

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Live Patient Courses: Routine Extractions
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2016 Live Patient Courses: 3rd Molar Extractions
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Tooth extraction might be as old as human civilization, but something that ancient could always use an update. Improve your practice revenue by attracting more patients thanks to the fastest, least painful and most advanced tooth extraction methodology.


  • Using the right tools for the right teeth: Learn the proper use of periotomes, forceps, elevators and luxators for extracting teeth
  • Indications/contraindications: Understand when a tooth extraction may not be the bests course of action and which extraction methods – other than the eight traditional forceps – might prove useful
  • Safety protocols and patient comfort: Extracting blood safely and creating usable platelet-rich plasma Procedural "Cheat" sheets: On PRP extraction and centrifuge usage, as well as blood collection sites on the "Ten Commandments of Phlebotomy."
  • Complications and challenges: Dealing with complications and challenges and how any associated risks can be mitigated

We offer two different options for your Live Patient Tooth Extraction experience:

Option 1: Focused on Routine Extractions
Option 2: Focused on 3rd Molar Extractions

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